North Central Illinois Pekingese Club

Till ye olde webmistress gets around to it, like maybe in retirement, these pages will continue to be stored on our old Tripod website.

Because of my 2010 PC crash, no back up files are readily accessible. Images can no longer be enlarged on the Tripod pages, so the thumbnail size you see is all you get. Some, maybe all, of the catalog and critique links will take you to a 404 error - page not found.

If you click the "back to home page" buttons on any of the pages within the main 1981-2005 pages, you will be directed back to our new home page. If you click on the UP button, you will most likely go back to the previous page you were on. Also, look for a BACK button (probably at the bottom of the page) that might take you where you want to go.
Now, if you go meandering off on one of the pages though, there may be a "back home" link that I didn't get changed. Just hover over the hyperlink and look down in your status bar and it'll tell you where you're headed. But you know how to get back here, right? ncipc.org!

Your Webmistress,
Barbara Streemke