North Central Illinois Pekingese Club

86th & 87th Specialties

Saturday, May 28, 2016 NCIPC Specialty 1 - RESULTS
Regular Classes: Mr. Richard V. Miller
Sweepstakes: Karen Schultz-Fries  Review
Sunday, May 29, 2016 NCIPC Specialty 2 - RESULTS
Regular Classes: Mr. David J. Kirkland 
Sweepstakes: Connie Konigsmark  Review

Specialty Win Photos

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WD/BOW Specialty 1
Muhlin Tso 'N Tso - Owner, Patricia G. Metzger

BOS all four days!
Ch. Diaquiris Bridget's Diary - Owner, Cynthia Dyson

Best in Sweepstakes Specialty 1
Diaquiris Distinctly Dior - Owner, Barbara Streemke 

RWD Specialty 1
Diaquiris Distinctly Dior - Owner, Barbara Streemke 

Supported Entries

WD/BOW Supported Entry Monday
Diaquiris Burberry Brit - Owner, Tammy Stirton

It was great seeing members, NEW EXHIBITORS, and familiar competitors.
Thank you all for joining us in Bloomington. 

Friday Results       Monday Results

Our RAFFLES were a great success!

Alex Maranon had the winning ticket for the Special Raffle of The Pekingese Club's United Kingdom File of Champions which had been donated by Arlon Duit.

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Three of our Winners

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